Franki is a very curious and restless kid with a great spirit of adventure. He is always trying to discover the reason for everything. 

Franki y Toro, el misterio de los grifos



Toro is Franki’s dog. He is a French bulldog and his flat nose makes his face very funny. He is a loyal dog and he is always willing to live adventures together with his owner. 

Franki y Toro, el misterio de los grifos


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Lectorín is a tiny worm who lives in the library. He is in charge of the books so that they are well taken care of and sorted. Although he likes adventures, he prefers to listen to the stories the other characters usually tell him. He loves visits.

Las aventuras de Lectorín



Hugo es el pequeño de 6 hermanos. Le encanta jugar y hacer cosas de gato. Lo que más le gusta del mundo es balancearse en las cortinas del salón y saltar de árbol en árbol. Aunque es un poco travieso, tiene un gran corazón. 

Hugo no sabe